Two men on the Upper West Side of
Manhattan, one of whom lapses into Yiddish
in the middle of his Japanese.  That's the
Tokyo production of Visiting Mr. Green,
which played in
Kobe as well.

Jeff Baron was invited to see the
production, he was warned that Japanese
audiences wouldn't be very demonstrative in
terms of audible responses, but they laughed
and cried the same as audiences everywhere.

From his author's note in the Japanese

I was standing backstage at the Union
Square Theatre after a performance of
Visiting Mr. Green, and a familiar face
appeared.  It was Whoopi Goldberg, who
said, "Everyone in the world should see
this play.  People in Japan should see this

I never imagined an audience for this play
outside of New York, but I've come to
learn that as human beings, wherever we
live, whatever our religion, whatever our
culture, we are more alike than different.  
Families are the same throughout the
world, and generations struggle to
understand one another everywhere.  I
find that reassuring.
Ken Osawa
Katsumi Kiba
A new production in Kawasaki City in
the Tokyo area will open in July, 2006,
using the same translation by
Daisaku Hirakawa.

It is a production by
Mingei whose Japanese website is

Satoi Masami will play Mr.
and Yuji Kosugi will play
Ross Gardiner.
The first page of the Japanese
text of
Visiting Mr. Green,
translation by
.  The production was
by the
Hyogo Performing Arts
, Masakazu Yamazaki,
Artistic Director.  The director was
Greg Dale.